Latest Diep Links

Now that I’m sequestered away in California for my winter vacation, and finished, for now, with my deadlines, I finally have time to update this website with links to my latest pieces.

I opine some more! This time about living room dramas and how I hate them unless they’re Hir by Taylor Mac.

Then I preview the 2016 Under the Radar Festival, for those who love experimental theater as much as I do.

Two episodes of American Theatre‘s Offscript podcast:

And last, but certainly not least, I preview what’s sure to be the next immersive theater hit: The Grand Paradise from Third Rail Projects for the New York freakin’ Times!

Finally, it’s not printed yet but I filed a piece three days ago about Danai Gurira for American Theatre. So check back here because I will inevitably put it on my website as soon as it’s online.

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