My Super Overdue, Kind of Ridiculous Website Update

When you do what I do, which is write and edit and sit in front of a computer all…the…time, the last thing you want to do when you have a free non-writing time is to open your laptop yet again and update your website. Sometimes a girl just wants to watch TV, okay? And then weeks go by, you keep putting it off. Then as the months start to stack up, you look up at the tall tower of tasks you have to do in order to really get your website up to date, become almost embarrassed to tell people you have a website, and then you to bury your head further into the sand (or in my case, the couch) and watch another episode of “Jessica Jones.”

And then people started visiting my website again, probably because I wrote this kind of controversial thing and this other kind of controversial thing, and some other non-controversial, but pretty fun things, and then I realized that I really should try to clean up my portfolio and put a better face out into the world (besides the slightly annoying on on my Twitter account).

So I present the newly updated where you can find my favorite recent projects on the homepage, and where you can check back to this blog for my latest bylines (which is this one by the way), plus musings that are too short for an op-ed but too long for Twitter. So if you feel like reading some longform or pithy opinions about theater, pull up a chair. I’m glad to have you.

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