Change of a Blog

I moved to New York City in 2011 with three suitcases worth of clothes, my laptop, and some pots and pans. Having to deal with New York real estate and the tiny apartments (and lack of central heat or air), I learned how to live simply and to not be afraid of throwing things out. That partially explains why I am the only theater-lover who almost never keep Playbills. Then again, I was never a sentimental type.

That is why when I decided to revamp my website (two years too late, I have to admit), I debated whether or not I wanted to bring my posts from my old Diep Thought blog along with me. That blog was hosted on Blogger, where the templates were few and impossible to reconfigure so that the whole thing didn’t just look like a teenager’s first blog. I had originally started Diep Thought in 2010 when I went to graduate school, as a way for my family in California to keep up with my daily life on the opposite coastline.

From there, it grew many faces. It had some theater reviews, some food recipes, some random lists and a writer who was steadily figuring out what her voice was and what kind of voice she wanted to display on the web. Which brings us to now, to this website, to this new version of “Diep Thought,” or as I like to call “Diep Thought 2.0.” I want to streamline it, post more essays and less, “this is what I did today.”

If you still want to visit my old blog, and the old posts, it’s still there at But for now, it’s a new year, a new season (turn, turn, turn), and I have some new thoughts. I hope you’ll join me on this thought train. It’s going to be a leisurely ride.

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