TDF Stages: “Meet the Unknown Survivors of WWII”


Some articles you write are memorable not because of the subject itself but what you were going through when you were writing it. For this one, I researched the article on Nov. 9, the day after the election (aka the worst day of 2016). It helped that the play I wrote about was so fucking good.

When American students are taught about World War II, the curriculum almost always includes the Holocaust, Germany, Pearl Harbor, and Hiroshima. But the war was more than those events. That’s why Hansol Jung was determined her play Among the Dead would pay tribute to a much-overlooked community: Korean comfort women. That’s the euphemistic name given to women who were forced into prostitution by the Japanese army.

“No one here knows about comfort women at all,” Jung says. “I was trying to educate the people that would get to see the play. It was a mission. Everyone should know that this happened.”

Read more at TDF Stages.


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