American Theatre: Hannah Gadsby Hasn’t Quit Comedy

“I’ll tell you the difference between this and Nanette. Nanette was exhausting because I was punching through an hour section with trauma, where we make light of it because we think we’ve dealt with it and it turns out, No, if you haven’t dealt with it, it’s not funny. People go to comedy shows all the time where there’s throwaway rape gags and they’re not funny, they’re traumatizing. So that’s a point where it’s, like, we need to just sit here as a group of people with empathy and not mock others.

But with Douglas, I’m in what you’d call a high-status position. I know that the people who are coming to see me know who I am. So I’ve been able to process [the events in Douglas] reasonably quickly. But I wanted to offer context, the sociocultural framework that allows that to happen: This is how people think about people with autism. Like it’s a really misunderstood experience; it’s still called a disorder.”

Read the full interview at American Theatre.

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